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An Holistic Approach

# eartohelpcounselling

Watch this space, it is work in progress but hopefully it will be a place where you can gain information and support to help with your overall well-being.

I, myself enjoy taking an holistic approach to well-being which means its not just one area that I focus on, I like to work on a physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, environmental, financial and professional approach to life. They are some of the main areas to creating a balance to life. I enjoy finding ways for personal and professional improvement and development.

Blogging is new for me but I hope to be able to develop my understanding and share as I go along. I will hopefully through this process share good self-care practice and self-compassion that will be of use to those reading my posts.

This weekend I had the privilege to attend Fern Cotton's Happy Place Festival with friends, unsure what to expect I went along and was surprised how much I enjoyed it and the connection and inspiration I felt after leaving the festival. I was grateful that I was able to enjoy the experience with 3 other friends who are also Counsellors, we missed out on some of the activities i.e yoga and meditation due to them being sold out but the inspirational speakers we listened to was on point. I feel that I left there feeling grounded and focused on what I want to achieve from my life.

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